Welcome To The Hollywood Sign (Past-Present-Future)

How to Best View the Hollywood Sign: 

The most common question we receive is: What is the address for the Hollywood Sign?  The Hollywood Sign has no address because it is not accessible by car or public transportation. The only options for viewing the Hollywood Sign are to hike or visit one of the viewpoints listed below.

New Shuttle  - EXTENDED! 

The Department of Recreation and Parks along with Councilmember Tom LaBonge, Fourth District and Griffith Observatory, will be extending the promotional shuttle program to the Hollywood Sign Viewing Area on Mount Hollywood Drive and Griffith Observatory. Starting Saturday, August 2, 2014 through the end of the year, the program will provide shuttle service every Saturday and Sunday (including holidays) from 9am-4pm. The fee will be $10.00 per person, excluding children 2 years of age and under who are free when riding on the lap of an adult.  Tickets available here.


There are three hikes that offer great views of the Hollywood Sign and the surrounding city of Los Angeles.  These hikes lead visitors up and behind the Hollywood Sign, which is the closest they can be to the letters.

Please Note: Trespassing around the Hollywood Sign is illegal, either from below or by jumping over the fence above. Both are against the law. Security cameras monitor the Sign, and its surrounding areas, 24 hours a day. A Los Angeles Police Department Officer is stationed around the clock at the Sign.

The Mount Hollywood trail is easily accessible from the Griffith Observatory, which offers free parking although the lot can fill up on the weekends.  The mountain is the second tallest peak in the park and offers amazing views of the Hollywood Sign as well as downtown LA.  The hike is fairly easy and can be enjoyed by the entire family. Click here for more information.

The Canyon Boulevard trail features a fun Hollywood landmark, the Bronson caves (also known as the Adam West Batman caves), as well as a small parking lot close to the trailhead and an overflow dirt parking lot just down the road.  The trail offers amazing views of the city and ends behind the Hollywood Sign; Sunset Ranch, where you can ride horses with a view of the Hollywood Sign, shares part of the trail so watch out for horses while hiking.  The Canyon Boulevard trail is a part of Griffith Park and is open from sunrise to sunset. Click here for more information.

The Cahuenga Peak hike is open to the more experienced hiker, and visitors are advised to hike at their own risk. The trail is more rugged and less defined than the Canyon Blvd trail but offers amazing views of the city, Burbank, and Lake Hollywood. The trail leads visitors to the same viewpoint as the HollyRidge trail and is open from sunrise to sunset. Click here for more information.

The next hike offers views of the Hollywood Sign but does not take you up and behind the letters:

The Lake Hollywood trail provides a pleasant stroll around one of Los Angeles’ more beautiful reservoirs and beautiful views of the Hollywood Sign. This trail starts at the northwest side of the lake where there is available roadside parking on Lake Hollywood Drive.  The trail opens at 6:30 am and closes at sunset.  Click here for more information.


The best views of the Hollywood Sign are sometimes not the closest.  The Sign is 45-feet tall and thanks to its recent makeover, pops against a green and brown Mount Lee backdrop.  Since it’s illegal to come close to the Sign–except from behind the Sign on the trails listed above–here are a few viewpoints that not only offer wonderful views of the Sign but also fun Hollywood activities to fill up the day.

Hollywood and Highland, on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue in Hollywood, combines views of the Hollywood Sign with the glamour and fun of Hollywood itself. Visitors can peek at the Hollywood Sign while also scanning the Walk of Fame for their favorite celebrity–or see if the famous handprints at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater match their own.  Make sure to head over to the Dolby Theater for a behind the scenes Academy Awards tour to see how the biggest night in Hollywood is produced.  Click here for more information.

The Griffith Observatory provides excellent views of the city and the Sign.  It also has free parking right at the observatory, which allows for people of all physical abilities to view the Sign and the city below.  While the observatory offers a bit of Hollywood history with iconic scenes from movies like Rebel without a Cause, the observatory presents a different type of star by offering planetarium shows and public telescope hours. Click here for more information.

Mulholland Drive has a specific viewpoint officially called the ‘Hollywood Bowl Overlook’ that offers a wonderful view of the Hollywood Sign complete with a historical placard.  Plus driving Mulholland Drive is a LA experience in itself. Click here for more information on the overlook.

Please note that trespassing to and around the Sign is illegal, and the Sign is monitored by security cameras. There is also an LAPD officer stationed at the Sign 24 hours a day. The closest you can be to the Sign is from the trail behind the Sign on the other side of the fence.

For these locations and hikes, please be sure to follow all parking and road rules.  Some of these locations are in residential areas, and visitors should be considerate of the homeowners while viewing the Sign.  The canyon roads are windy and narrow so stopping at a “No Stopping” area or on a blind turn could cause accidents or roadblocks. Carpool or take public transportation as much as possible to help ease the traffic.

Also, the Hollywood Sign and its surrounding areas are in a high fire risk area.  Please do not smoke or light fires while viewing the Sign.  One cigarette can cause the entire area to go up in smoke.


For indoor types who still wants to see the Hollywood Sign, or if you want to see the Hollywood Sign from the comfort of your own home, check out the Hollywood Sign Trust’s collections of movies, TV shows, video games, and music videos that feature the Hollywood Sign.  Unlike real life, viewing the Hollywood Sign on the silver screen lets you see things that don’t normally happen to the Sign–like being destroyed by a tornado, acting as a jungle gym for a giant gorilla, or getting knocked down by an earthquake.


For those who want a great picture of the Hollywood Sign to celebrate their trip to Hollywood, check out these websites: for historical images of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign, the Bruce Torrence Hollywood Photograph Collection and for current photos of the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Sign Photos.


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