Seeing The Sign

Where to go. How to get there.

Looking for a picture-perfect view of the Sign?

For many visitors to Los Angeles, there is no more coveted photo than a shot of the world famous Sign.   Though it is visible from all over the city from its lofty perch on Mt. Lee, it can actually be surprisingly difficult to get a well angled shot.   Many are surprised to learn that it’s actually illegal to hike to (or basically get anywhere near) the Sign, which is set well back behind restricting gates and protected by security cameras and Park Rangers.

With our insider’s photo guide to the Sign, you’ll beat the crowds and get that perfect photo you were hoping for.   (Commercial photographers and filmmakers, please consult our “Filming the Sign” page for information on getting the proper permits.)

Check the map below to find the best location near you, or visit them all for a fun day tour!

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