2023 – 100 Years And Counting!

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Through the years – from its splashy real estate billboard roots, to its long neglect and decay, to its current status as a revered international landmark – the Sign has emerged more symbolically powerful than ever. It conjures an ever-expanding parade of images, desires and ideas with just nine simple letters: H – O – L – L – Y – W – O – O – D

In 2012, the Hollywood Sign Trust and Sherwin Williams teamed up to give the Sign a more complete make-over to prepare for the Sign’s  90th anniversary in 2013. Sherwin Williams donated special eco-friendly, long lasting Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex paint and the labor for a 10-week facelift to the Hollywood Sign. For a time-lapse video of the make-over, click here.

In 2022, the Hollywood Sign Trust partnered with Sherwin-Williams again to give Hollywood’s biggest celebrity a makeover to celebrate its 100th anniversary, which was celebrated in 2023. Beginning September 19, 2022, a crew of 10 workers prepped, pressure washed, primed, and painted the 45-foot-high sign.

In 2023 the Hollywood Sign celebrated it’s 100th anniversary, as everyone around the world continues to travel to Los Angeles just to see it. The landmark occasion was celebrated all year long and culminated with a special commemoration in October. Council member Nithya Raman, and the Los Angeles City Council officially declared October 31st, 2023 as “Hollywood Sign Day”! It was done not only to commemorate the endurance of the Hollywood Sign for the last 100 years, but to honor it’s reputation as a beacon of hope to everyone who dreams of being a part of the film and television industry. This has cemented the Hollywood Sign as not just a locally loved monument, but a global icon. The Hollywood Sign continues to inspire moviemakers and fans around the world, while playing a vital role in keeping the town it helped put on the map at the center of the global entertainment industry.

Photo (left to right): Los Angeles City Councilmember Nithya Raman, President and CEO of the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board Adam Burke, Chair of the Hollywood Sign Trust Jeff Zarrinnam, General Manager of the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks Jimmy Kim.