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Welcome to the Press Room for the Hollywood Sign, one of the oldest Hollywood celebrities and most established global pop culture icons…and a legend that’s still grabbing headlines and generating news nearly 100 years after its ‘star was born.’  If you’re with the media and are seeking additional press information, interviews, photographs or footage of the Hollywood Sign, please contact:

Betsy Isroelit

Year after year, the Hollywood Sign continues to fascinate the public, the film industry, and the international news media. Through its non-profit organization, The Hollywood Sign Trust, it plays a vibrant role in supporting the cultural life of Los Angeles and the wider media industry that is “Hollywood.” In this Press Room you can access news and ‘Fast Facts’ about the Sign.

Journalists and media will also find contacts for accessing new high definition B-roll, photos and Sign information, as well as a comprehensive library of historic Hollywood Sign and ‘Hollywood-related’ photos

Filming The Sign

We’d like to invite you to be part of that legacy by including the Sign in your next project. If you’re covering the Sign as part of a news story, or if you’d like to use an image of the Sign for any sort of commercial purpose, be it licensing, filming, or photography, there are resources you can use to get the access and permissions you will need. We’ve put together the following information to help steer you through the process as smoothly as possible.

Can’t find the information you need below? Contact Betsy Isroelit at RBI and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

News Reporters and Researchers

If you’re with the media and reporting a story that includes the Hollywood Sign, you only need make one call. We can supply accurate factual and historical data, arrange for access for photographing/filming at or near the Sign; schedule interviews with Sign and city officials, and more. We have the most complete archive of historic b-roll and photographs of the Sign available for your use.

Press/News Contact:
Betsy Isroelit

For Commercials & Films: Park Film Office

To shoot a commercial, film or television episode, approval from the Park Film Office is required. Prior to filming, we will schedule an appointment to scout the location with you and discuss your needs in the context of what is permissible.

Commercials & Film Contact:
Park Film Office

For Permits: FilmLA

If you are not with a news organization, filming and photography requires a City of Los Angeles permit from FilmLA, Inc. Please contact FilmLA for this information.

Permits Contact:
(213) 977-8600

For Licensing: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce owns certain trademark rights for usage of the Sign or its likeness for commercial purposes. The Chamber manages these rights and negotiates all fees. They can assist with both commercial and feature film requests.

Licensing Contact:
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

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