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An Enchanting Evening of Mystery and Romance

The Black Rabbit Rose - Magic Items display
Tracy Givens
Tracy Givens
May 19, 2023

Travelers seeking ideas for a unique date night in Hollywood should definitely put the Black Rabbit Rose on their to-do list.

This is more than just a dining opportunity, although it serves distinctive meals that you're sure to be talking about for days afterward. And you'll get more than entertainment out of the deal, though there's certainly no shortage of that. Let's explore this enchanting venue in more depth.

Black Rabbit Rose Lounge - www.blackrabbitrose.com

An Enchanting Evening of Mystery and Romance

At Black Rabbit Rose, you never know what to expect. That's one of the hallmarks of the experience—that it's never the same from one evening to the next. Even repeat customers are continuously surprised by what unfolds when they arrive.

The Atmosphere

From the moment you walk through the doors, you'll know you've been transported to an alternate dimension.

Like the warren that houses the titular rabbit, the rooms are narrow and tunnel-like. Hues of deep crimson are offset by flickering chandeliers and shadows that seem to harbor ancient secrets. You get the sense that you're about to witness things that no one else has ever seen—or will again.

Black Rabbit Rose Theater - www.blackrabbitrose.com

The Theater

When you make your reservations, it's clear that you'll be witnessing a magic act. What you may not realize is that the entire experience involves mystery and sleight of hand, from start to finish. The performers themselves are talented, but even the bartenders get in on the act, bolstering the experience with exotic cocktails designed to enliven your senses.

Be aware that the show runs for nearly an hour, so plan your evening accordingly. It's also an adults-only act—participants must be at least 21 in order to enjoy the show. Ticketed performances are scheduled for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.

The Lounge

The lounge area gives off a speakeasy vibe, with mellow lighting, cushioned seats, and polished wood. As for the food, if you're in the mood for Thai-Chinese cuisine, you can't go wrong here. The venue partners with Crying Tiger, a nearby take-out window, to complete the dining experience.

Again, the cocktails here are designed to be as amusing as they are delicious. But what really sets the tone is the magic act, which never stops. You may find yourself dazzled by the sleight of hand at any moment: when you walk through the door, when you order your cocktail when you're settled at your table. That's why the experience can vary so greatly from one evening to the next.

The lounge is open for food and cocktails from 6 pm to 2 am, and walk-ins are welcome. There's also a "late night" experience featuring live music, but the timing may vary—contact the venue for details.

Elegant Dresses

The Dress Code

Patrons are encouraged to get into the act by dressing to impress. This isn't the place to go if you cringe at the thought of wearing high heels or a tie.

Shorts, flip-flops, and sports gear are prohibited, as is any article of clothing that features a logo. You can also be denied entry if you're wearing a shiny shirt or a baseball cap.

Our advice would be to get into the spirit of things by putting on your finest attire—the things you reserve for special occasions only. You're out for a date night in Hollywood, after all. Why not make it a night to remember in every way?

The Bottom Line

Take a departure from shopping on Rodeo Drive and hiking the Mt. Hollywood Trail to schedule an evening at Black Rabbit Rose. It will give you plenty to talk about with the folks back home when you return.

Enjoy your visit!

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