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Art Meets Ale: LA's Arts District Breweries

Beer Flight
Tracy Givens
Tracy Givens
October 20, 2023

LA's Arts District is a fascinating place to visit nowadays. While it used to have more of an industrial vibe, now it's a trendy haven for the city's right-brained, creative-minded residents.

That creativity extends to the area's breweries. At these hot spots, you'll be able to sample various craft beers and learn a little about the brewing process. Even if you aren't an artist yourself, you're bound to appreciate this aspect of the Arts District. For beer lovers, it's an experience that's not to be missed.

Let's take a virtual tour through some of LA's Arts District breweries.

Arts District Breweries in Los Angeles

Angel City Brewery

Angel City Brewery

You can't miss this hip brewery's funky, color-splashed facade, just a 15-minute walk from Union Station. Founded in 1997, the company moved its headquarters to the historic John A. Roebling Building as the craft beer scene was heating up, refurbishing the warehouse-like space in a true labor of love.

Angel City offers basic styles such as IPA and pilsner, and it does them well. But if you go, we urge you to be bold and sample one of their more exotic offerings, such as "To Live and Thai in LA," a Czech pils made with Thai lime leaves.

Arts District Brewing Company

Arts District Brewing

When you step inside the stylish taproom of the Arts District Brewing Company, you'll be transported to the beating heart of the district. The brewery epitomizes the vibe that the area seeks to project: creativity, independent thinking, and a willingness to seek the grit beneath the city's inherent glamour.

The spot opened its doors in 2015, so it's one of the newer Arts District breweries in Los Angeles. The beer list is extensive and carefully curated, with sips ranging from classic to hoppy to dark. They might even have a hard kombucha on tap for the non-beer-lovers in your party.

The bar menu is good, too, with a host of traditional pub-grub favorites. Try the Bavarian Pretzel with spicy brown mustard—and don't forget to order the optional beer-cheese sauce on the side.

Arrow Lodge Brewing

Arrow Lodge Brewing

Arrow Lodge Brewing has its flagship headquarters in Covina, about 20 miles outside the city. But their second location allows you to sample their snazzy lineup of craft brews during your exploration of the Arts District.

Most of the beers on their regular list are marketed with a nod to the flower power days of the 1960s and '70s. For example, the label for their "High Rise IPA" sports a hand displaying the peace sign. They boast a wide array of flavors, as evidenced by offerings like "Verbena or for Worse," a Berliner Weisse with an ABV of 4.5 percent.

If you enjoy your time at the Arts District branch, consider making a side trip to the Covina location. They offer a lineup of cool events to draw visitors, including trivia nights. Check the calendar on their website for more information.

Signing Off

When you're making a list of things to do in Arts District, be sure to include at least one of these breweries. You'll come away with a renewed appreciation for this unique corner of Los Angeles.


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