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Explore the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Exterior Building
Stacey Martin
Stacey Martin
September 2, 2022

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is a museum dedicated to the history and art of film. The museum houses a collection of artifacts, films, and artwork from throughout cinema history in Los Angeles, California. The museum is also home to various exhibitions, educational programs, and public events.

Whether you're a film buff or just looking to learn more about the art of filmmaking, the Academy Museum is worth a visit. Here are a few things you can expect to see and do at the museum.


Disk Film

The Academy Museum houses various artifacts, films, and artwork throughout cinema history. The museum's collections include items such as costumes, set pieces, props, and equipment used in some of Hollywood's most iconic films.

From Dorothy's ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz to the typewriter Joseph Stefano used while writing Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, there's no shortage of amazing artifacts to see at the museum.

Hollywood Past & Present

Your visit to the Academy Museum isn't limited to the gallery walls. The museum also operates numerous historic venues associated with the Academy Awards, collectively making up the self-guided Hollywood Past & Present Tour.

Highlights of the tour include the Dolby Theatre (formerly the Kodak Theatre), where the Academy Awards are held each year, and the historic Roosevelt Hotel, which has served as a long-term residence of countless stars, including Marilyn Monroe. With more than a dozen locations to explore throughout the heart of Hollywood, it's sure to be a fascinating tour for any film lover. Be sure to download the Academy Museum app for the inside scoop on each location before you visit.

Ongoing Exhibitions

Woman with an Oscar

The Academy Museum is home to various ongoing exhibitions celebrating the art and history of film. Discover the complex stories of moviemakers in Stories of Cinema, or take a deep dive into the art of the backdrop in Backdrop: An Invisible Art.

Other exhibitions currently on view include The Oscars Experience, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the excitement and glamour of Hollywood's biggest night while experiencing what it's like to win an Oscar. Also on display is The Path to Cinema: Highlights From the Richard Balzer Collection, where visitors can experience the incredible inventions of early filmmaking first-hand.


The Academy Museum offers a variety of educational programs for both adults and children. The museum's public programming includes film screenings, lectures, discussions, and more.

The museum also offers a variety of youth education programs, including workshops and family days. Book signings and meet-and-greets with filmmakers are also occasionally held at the museum. There's something new to see with two on-site theaters every day at the museum.

Planning Your Visit

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Entrance

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is located at 6067 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The museum is open Sunday through Thursday from 10 AM to 6 PM and Friday through Saturday from 10 AM to 8 PM. Timed entry is required, and you must reserve your ticket online in advance. General admission gives you access to the museum galleries, while programs, screenings, and The Oscars Experience require special tickets.

Whether you spend a couple of hours at the museum or make it an entire afternoon perusing the galleries, it will be an illuminating experience. After the museum, spend some time visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where you can see all the stars.

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