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Guide to Hollywood's Hidden Speakeasy Gems

Speakeasy Bar
Tracy Givens
Tracy Givens
July 7, 2023

Prohibition may have ended, but you can still get your flapper vibe on at one of several speakeasy bars in Hollywood. Something about forbidden fruit makes us want to reach out and grab it with both hands, and these gems have somehow managed to bottle that influence. As soon as you enter the doors, you'll embark on an experience you'll never forget.

Ready to step back and explore a part of Hollywood designated for a chosen few? Here's a guide to help you get started.

No Vacancy

No Vacancy LA

Themed after an exclusive hotel (as you probably guessed by the name), this venue is dripping with mystery and exoticism. Though it takes its cue from the Roaring '20s, it also has the feel of a 1980s rock club.

From the outside, No Vacancy is an unassuming yet splendid-looking Victorian mansion with generous windows and inviting porches. Once inside, though, you'll be immersed in a world of dark wood paneling and dimly lit chandeliers of whisky-tinged libations and ornate bar stools.

No Vacancy has a semi-strict dress code—shiny shirts and flip-flops are taboo, as are shorts and any apparel with logos. Don't show up in a ball cap, either. This place is all about the atmosphere, which adds to its allure.

Adults Only

This is another venue that tells you much of what you need to know in the name alone. Tucked away inside an old strip mall on Sunset Boulevard, Adults Only gives off a funky retro vibe from the get-go.

When nearby businesses put up their CLOSED signs for the evening, Adults Only is revved up. Look for the pink neon sign if you need help finding it.

Walk through a corridor with classic movie posters and VHS tapes while cult films play on miniature TV screens. In the lounge, relax on a reupholstered church pew while enjoying your favorite adult beverage. You're visiting Tinseltown, so why not check out a nightspot that celebrates the glory days of the home entertainment industry?

Black Rabbit Rose

Black Rabbit Rose Bar

You can spend your days touring the stars' homes or looking for the best viewpoints of the Hollywood Sign, and there's nothing wrong with that. But evenings are for magic, and there's no better place to conjure that up than Black Rabbit Rose.

This is a hot dinner spot featuring Thai-Chinese cuisine from Crying Tiger next door. However, no one attends to the food alone. Black Rabbit Rose is a place where patrons know to expect the unexpected. This isn't an ordinary magic show but a full-fledged experience, with sleight-of-hand artists waiting to display their skills at any moment.

With so much else here to dazzle your senses, you might expect the cocktails to take a backseat. Don't be fooled: The mixology is top-notch, with potions that will tantalize your eyes and taste buds.

Lost Property

Lost Property Bar

A visit to Los Angeles would only be complete with a stop (or two) at Vine Street, and Vine Street would only be complete with this dazzling bar gem.

The interior is classy yet unassuming, with warm woodwork highlighted by rows of jewel-toned bottles. While this is the ideal place to sip on a classic cocktail like a Manhattan or a sloe gin fizz, there's no reason to limit your options. Ask the bartender for recommendations and enjoy the chic atmosphere of Old Hollywood.

Final Thoughts

You don't have to be a club hound to appreciate the ambiance at these speakeasy bars in Hollywood. History buffs, creative souls, and anyone enticed by the prospect of slipping into a different era for an hour or two—all will be welcomed and delighted.

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